We were delighted to receive an invite from Marcus Janssen at Schöffel to a simulated game shoot to mark twenty-five years of their Ptarmigan Collection. Held at the incredibly beautiful West Wycombe Park by invitation of Sir Edward Dashwood, the prestigious event welcomed twenty-five teams, representing brands such as James Purdey & Son, William Powell and Guns on Pegs – so we felt absolutely privileged to be shooting among them.

Representing Femmes Fatales were Anna Wooster, Katherine Gibbard and Ally Stevenson, all of whom play a big part in our community, either organising and hosting events, or with support by way of sponsorship via their businesses. They also happen to be pretty handy with a shotgun, doing us proud on each of the drives, but more importantly; being declared ‘Most Fun Team’ by Peter Schöffel himself!

The winning team was James Purdey & Son’s who were presented with the most stunning trophy we have ever laid eyes on! A Ptarmigan sculpture by Jason Sweeney.

I asked Katherine for a few words about the day and this is what she replied;

“In amongst the Oakham Gillets, three Femmes Fatales stood,
They weren’t sure what to expect but knew that they could
Represent the Shewolf brand with laughter, respect and fun,
Shooting West Wycombe style, blessed with gorgeous sun.

Squads all sorted, hosts ready, the guns were all prepared,
100 driven targets later, relaxation and laughter was shared!
The silly banter started here, fortunately the others joined in
100 mixed, then 100 fast clays were next, then the lovely promise of gin!

Elevenses by the lake was stunning, a chance to meet the other guests
Scores and tales were passed around – just who was the best
Grouse challenge into the sun had us all testing our skills
We then finished on 100 bunnies, fast and furious, but brill.

Our smiles were on from the first clay smashed again and again,
Us three had an amazing time and couldn’t believe it when
Schöffel announced that us three had won…
First prize we thought – oh no, but the team that had had most fun!!!”

Huge, massive thanks to everyone at Schöffel for having us and CONGRATULATIONS on twenty-five fantastic years of the Ptarmigan Collection!

                                                                            The highest scoring all female team and the ‘most fun’!

                                                   Team Purdey with their stunning trophy made by sculpture Jason Sweeney

Ally Stevenson on the Rabbit flush