The Field’s Awfully Hard Shoot at E.J Churchill

Well here I am sat in my office in Derby putting together this blog about my fantastic day at E.J  Churchill on 21st June it was 34 degrees! Just one week later it’s pretty damn cold and very wet outside typical English weather you might say!

Femmes Fatales were invited by Johnathan Young to shoot on this ‘invitation only’ annual event at the prestigious E.J.Churchill shooting ground on a course set by the one and only George Digweed.

As one of the main sponsors for Femmes Fatales and being a massive supporter I was more than happy to accept the invitation on behalf of Femmes Fatales.

I wasn’t sure who else would be attending and on arrival met with a lot of unfamiliar faces and a few familiar but before I could finish my gorgeous bacon sandwich Johnathan Young appeared with his usual friendly smile.  We chatted about the recent Femmes Fatales Cup and how great a day it was then he mentioned Hannah Gibson had arrived pointing out where she was sat, fantastic! Could this day get any better? …it did!

We were put into groups with our Instructor, Graeme. The only all-girl squad at the event was made up of Hannah, Rozanne Delamore, Alexandra Henton and myself.

Off we went with excitement, chatter and plenty of banter to shoot 100 targets around the glorious grounds.  Although I had been on shoots with Hannah before I had never shot in a squad with her so I was super excited to see the ‘smasher’ in action!

It was a real pleasure to shoot the course with these 3 lovely ladies and I think a bit of Hannah rubbed off as I shot my personal best, so I was over the moon.

We finished with a delightful al fresco lunch and fun prize giving by Jonathan. George made an appearance too having shot 100/100 of course!! Hannah came 2nd over all with 86/100 (Whoop Whoop!) and I came just outside the top 3 with my PB of 77/100.  Not bad – Two ladies in the top 5 scores out of 40 shooters.

Big thank you to The Field magazine, Johnathan and Alexandra, and Rob and his team at E.J Churchill for a truly awesome day!

A xxx

Rozanne, Alexandra, Hannah and Andrea at E J Churchill Shooting Ground
Andrea tacking the ‘Awfully Hard’ targets
Andrea’s Personal Best