Beyond a doubt, the question we are most frequently asked at FF is ‘What gun would you recommend for women?’ Our answer has always been a general one, as with most things, the shotgun that suits you might not necessarily be the gun for someone else, so recommending a certain make and model has never been easy.

One thing is for certain though – More often than not when a woman chooses a gun to buy, adjustments need to be made to the stock before it fits her properly. Not only does this add to the cost of the gun, it means she has to wait longer before taking her new pride and joy home! The team at Italian gun maker Caesar Guerini recognised this issue and set out to design and create a shotgun exclusively for women.

They identified the main issues – comb height, stock length and weight. Us females generally have higher cheekbones than our male counterparts, which requires the comb to be raised. Stock length is often an issue too, because most women have shorter arms than men. Often, we ladies prefer a lighter gun too. So the research and development team at Caesar Guerini began designing a shotgun that would fit the average female shooter straight off the shelf…

Introducing the Caesar Guerini Syren

Greek mythology refers to a Syren as a supernatural being who lured unsuspecting mariners to their destruction with their seductive singing. Perhaps that’s where gun maker Caesar Guerini took inspiration from when naming the shotgun that is fast becoming the most popular model among women shooters. The ‘song’ of the Caesar Guerini Syren certainly lured our ladies at Park Lodge Shooting School, where the team from Anglo Italian Arms were on hand to demonstrate the gun at a Femmes Fatales event where forty-five women had gathered for a day on the clays.

Lincolnshire girl Liane Burton has been shooting clays fairly regularly for three years and is currently waiting for her SGC. “Since I started clay shooting I have also used a variety of shotguns as I don’t have my own gun yet. I’ve used a different shotgun at every shoot I’ve attended, which is sometimes testing because it’s difficult to adapt to a gun you’re unfamiliar with”

Liane tried the Syren on a variety of targets “The fit was good and I felt it was the correct weight and barrel length for me, I felt very comfortable when shooting with it. The representative from Caesar Guerni took the time to explain the importance of correct gun fit after watching me shoot. He immediately identified that the comb was too low for me, so he adjusted it and checked it again with my eye line. I then did a few more shots that confirmed that the slight adjustment made a huge difference to my shooting”

Currently waiting for her shotgun certificate to come through, Liane will soon be in the market for a new gun  “Not only was I impressed with the fit, the design is stunning. It’s a really beautiful, feminine looking gun. I can’t wait to have one of my own”.

Among the guest was a more experienced shot from Northumberland. Laura Appleby has used her current gun, a 12g Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent, to great effect, winning various Lady and Junior county titles over the three years she has been shooting competitively.

 “I’d seen many positive reviews about the Syren but had never had the opportunity to try one. Whilst viewing the range of Syren shotguns within the Caesar Guerini stand, the two reps were very approachable and friendly; they explained a lot about the Syren and how the whole gun had been designed exclusively for women”

syrencg(Laura Appleby trying the 12g Caesar Guerini Syren)

“Although I love my Summit Ascent very much, I sometimes find that it can be slightly heavy to shoot with over long periods of time. However, after shooting the Syren I felt that it fit me perfectly and the weight of the gun was very well balanced so it did not feel too heavy throughout the time I was shooting it, unlike my own gun”

“The Syren was very comfortable to shoot and I very much liked the smaller palm swell and the shorter length of the gun, along with the pretty and elegant engraving. I would very much consider buying one”.

Lancashire member Alison Hewitt bought her 20g Syren with 28” barrels two years ago after seeing at the CLA Game Fair in 2014 “It’s a dream to shoot. It fitted perfectly straight away with no adjustments needed. The stock height is great and it’s so light, with no recoil to remark on either.”

Asked what she thought of the selection of guns on display, she told us “Although I did have a feel of the 12g version, I did like the look and feel of it, however I’m just so happy with my own gun I don’t want to part with it!”

Another fan of Caesar Guerini guns, Derbyshire shooter Andrea Pinnock who currently has a 12g Summit was keen to try out some more of the models in their range. “When I heard that Caesar Guerini would be at Park Lodge I hoped that they would have an Invictus to try. Luckily for me they did. I’d previously tried the Syren at the Northern Shooting Show and felt that at just 7.5lbs it was too light for me so Nick Hendrick suggested that I try the Invictus instead”

“It was right up my street and straight off it was a good fit. I shot the competition with it and scored higher than my previous attempt with my own gun! I will however be going for the adjustable comb version, which is standard for me with all guns”

When asked what she likes about the Caesar Guerini Invictus, Andrea said “It has great balance and is not front heavy, which is very important for me having a left arm injury. It’s a decent weight and the recoil is minimal. It is a very smooth gun to shoot with and the woodwork is very good quality, making it an attractive gun to look at too. Now I just need to decide when I should change, probably best to change over before I start shooting competitively next year!”

img_7798(Andrea Pinnock with the Caesar Guerini Syren – We love the rose engraving on the wood)

Wanting to change from her current gun with 28” barrels, to something with a longer barrel length, Lydia Abdelaoui from Yorkshire was looking for something with 30” barrels without making the overall weight of the gun noticeably heavier than her existing gun.

“Picking up the Syren for the first time I was surprised by how light if felt. On my first few shots with it, despite shooting well, the sight picture looked different from what I was used to seeing when I hit a target. I also seemed to be looking the left hand side of the barrels. So I sought the advice of Alistair who helped me with a very slight adjustment – taking just a minute, thanks to the adjustable stock.

“By raising the comb slightly and moving it just millimetres to the side, the gun now felt perfect. I headed to the cage to try it out and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding! I hit 100% of the targets, including my bogey bird – a looper”

Impressed with the ease of the adjustment, Lydia said “To take a gun off the shelf and have it fitting like a glove thanks to a slight adjustment there and then, was incredible. The Syren with adjustable comb comes with the tools to adjust it, and it’s so easy to do. What’s so great about it is how I will be able to take this gun to Femmes Fatales events knowing that other guests will be able to shoot well with it regardless of their individual fit requirements because I can adjust the stock so easily”.

img_7726(Chiara King recently bought a Caesar Guerini Syren and has begun shooting competitively in both ESP and STR)

Having recently bought a Syren, Yorkshire based shooter Chiara King has just started competitive shooting in both the English Sporting and Sportrap disciplines. “It’s a fantastic gun with really  great fit for ladies. Often, my friends who are waiting for the Shotgun Certificate will use my gun when they come to an event with me and they shoot very well with it. It’s so well balanced and I’d say it has definitely made a significant difference to my shooting, judging by my scores”.

The main ‘unique selling point’ of the Syren is of course the fact that it was designed exclusively for women, to fit the female form. The most important factor when buying a shotgun is making sure the fit is correct and Caesar Guerini have indeed accomplished that with the design – however, another thing we adore about the Syren is its beautiful exterior.

They say that looks aren’t important, but there’s no denying that the Syren is an exquisite looking shotgun. The wood is simply gorgeous and the engraving really gives it the look of a premium gun (without the price tag! RRP is just £2565) What we especially love about it is the extra detail, such as the roses engraved in to the wood – you can see that a lot of time and love has been put in to the design to create a gun that’s not only a dream to shoot, it also looks so elegant and feminine.

Our verdict? The Caesar Guerini Syren definitely gets the Femmes Fatales seal of approval!

You can find your nearest Syren stockist at or you can try the Syren at selected Femmes Fatales events, including our shoot at the Oxfordshire Shooting School on Saturday 18th February. Details here.


img_7822Sheree Sleney shooting the 12Gauge Caesar Guerini Syren