Our gorgeous Shewolf Socks are coming back in time for Autumn and Winter and we are taking pre-orders now.



Not only do we have our classic Femmes Fatales ‘Ochre’ Merino Wool blend socks, but we asked our friends at the House of Cheviot to extend the range – and they kindly offered us FOUR new colours!



Dark Olive



Size Guide 

Small: Shoe size 3.5 to 5.5

Medium: Shoe size 6 to 8

How to Order 

To pre-order, send a PayPal payment of £32.00 per pair, plus £3.00 p&p to info@femmes-fatales.co.uk, adding your name, address, shoe size and chosen colour in the ‘details’ section of the payment form.

(Colours: Ochre, Raspberry, Olive, Plum or Lilac, Sizes Small: 3.5-5.5, and Medium: 6-8)

Pre Order by 30th August 2017 – We will place the order with House of Cheviot on 31st August who will produce the socks, orders will then be forwarded to you before the end of September.

Need more info? Email info@femmes-fatales.co.uk

Lilac, Dark Olive, Raspberry & Plum

Other Femmes Fatales Merchandise?

We have Femmes Fatales ‘Dryfire’ Zip-Up Hoodies, and white ‘Shewolf’ Ladies Polo Shirts as well as our gorgeous, soft leather Shotgun Certificate Holders

All proceeds go towards helping Femmes Fatales continue running more nationwide events, plus promoting the new ‘Squad Up’ scheme to get more women involved in the sport.

Hoody £35
Polo Shirt £25
Certificate Holder £40