1610, 2017

Funds Raised for Sands Charity

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Last week was Baby Loss Awareness Week so the girls at our Devon shoot hosted by Wendy Spackman chose Sands as the recipient of the funds they raised in a charity raffle.

Sands is the UK stillbirth and neonatal death charity. They support anyone affected by the death of a baby and they promote research to […]

109, 2017

How It Works: Shotgun Cartridges

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A shotgun cartridge is made up of five components; primer, case, propellant powder, wad, and shot.

The case, usually made of plastic, but traditionally made of paper, houses all of the components and is crimped at the end to contain them. Twelve gauge cartridges come in an array of colours, whilst twenty gauge cartridges are always […]

109, 2017

Caesar Guerini Syren – A Review

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We had the pleasure of meeting Reading University student Megane Scott (23) at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School where she had joined us for the day to shoot the Femmes Fatales Cup, an event to celebrated the third anniversary of the launch of Femmes Fatales. The immaculate venue is Megane’s local shooting ground and she normally uses […]

2208, 2017

Kit Bag Gadgets from Greenio

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Kit Bag Recommendations from FF Sponsor, Greenio…

Shooting, in all its forms, is only half about the ‘bang’ – the rest of the attraction is about getting out in the open air, and enjoying the countryside with friends. The Femme Fatales are all about the outdoor lifestyle and preserving our natural surroundings, but when you think of […]

1708, 2017

Summer Competition Scores

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The Femmes Fatales Summer Competition took place at Orston Shooting Ground in Nottinghamshire on Saturday 12th August.

Here are the scores on the doors…

Huge congratulations to Summer Competition Champion Chloe Thornton from Lancashire on an incredible score of 92/100. Chloe won a fabulous prize bundle including a Peg on a Partridge Day at Swinithwaite in Yorkshire, […]

1708, 2017

Funds Raised for MacMillan

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We are absolutely delighted to announce that thanks to the hard work of Chiara King, who organised the Summer Competition, and to the generosity of all of the kind event sponsors, the Femmes Fatales raised £1560.00 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

A total of £1060.00 was raised on the day, but an application […]

3006, 2017

The Field’s ‘Awfully Hard’ Shoot

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The Field’s Awfully Hard Shoot at E.J Churchill
Well here I am sat in my office in Derby putting together this blog about my fantastic day at E.J  Churchill on 21st June it was 34 degrees! Just one week later it’s pretty damn cold and very wet outside typical English weather you might say!

Femmes Fatales were […]

3105, 2017

Shotgun Certificate Holder

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Our Shotgun Certificate holders are made bespoke by OJT Designs and are available to order. They are beautifully handcrafted in soft leather, with the Femmes Fatales emblem embossed to the front. Made especially for us by Olivia Jayne Tullett in her Cambridgeshire studio. Keep your certificate safe in this leather luxury, just £40.00 each, plus […]

1005, 2017

A Girl About Country – Blog

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Our resident blogger Harriet Lily aka ‘A Girl About Country’ joined us once again for the Femmes Fatales Cup at the glorious Royal Berkshire Shooting School. A regular attendee at our events, the Cup has a firmly established entry in Harriet’s diary each year, so she couldn’t resist putting pen to paper to tell all […]

305, 2017

The 2017 Femmes Fatales Cup – Winners

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The Royal Berkshire Shooting School welcomed the Femmes Fatales for the third year running, to celebrate our anniversary with another fabulous event that brings together some of the best female shots in the UK with ladies that are just getting started in the sport. Femmes Fatales favourite shooting ground, impeccably headed by Dylan […]