Project Planning Engineer Liane Burton from North-East Lincolnshire, attended her very first Femmes Fatales event at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School in April 2015. Since then, she has become like part of the furniture at FF HQ and regularly travels all over the country for our clay days, building up a huge network of friends who shoot. 

Firmly cementing herself as part of the Femmes Fatales family, Liane hosted her very first event in Lincolnshire in October – a huge success! Here, still buzzing with the excitement of her second, she tells us all about it…

“It all started with the idea of running a Ladies day in Lincolnshire, my home turf. As the first event was such a success I decided to run a second, the response I got was totally overwhelming.

The event sold out in days and I set about planning yet another fabulous ladies day, this time with a huge group of thirty-six women and girls! My first initial thought was ‘that’s a lot of cake!’, my second was how will manage to make it as successful as the last?

So I got my thinking cap on. Thirty-six isn’t that many right? Wrong! Trying to change the format of the day without compromising the fun was a little more tricky than I thought.

Group sizes, abilities, number of clays per person, prizes… Everything had to be planned perfectly to ensure that everyone had so much fun that they’d want to come back again.

The list was endless. But in the end I decide to keep the group relatively small to keep that team bond the ladies seem to get as soon has their names are called out first thing in the morning before the safety briefing.

After tweaking the format slightly I then got to thinking about the ladies and their abilities and after reviewing my long list of names I realised that at least 70% of the ladies who were coming have never shot before. Brand spanking new! So I decided it would be a great idea to create a goody bag full of little treats and information. I wanted the bags to be a little something exciting but also informative so I decided to mix the bag with information from the likes of BASC Ladies & the CPSA both great for the ladies who are newbies to shooting.

14686402_10154392667751140_505624354_nLiane with the Goody Bags! 

I also had a fantastic response from some of Femmes Fatales favourite brands; Fairfax & Favor, Clare Shaw Fine Art, Daniella Draper, R&R Country, Country Luxe, Hostie Hats, Gamebore Cartridge Co & Crabtree Country Clothing who supplied flyers, gifts, business cards and some discount codes specific to my shoot.


My last shoot had some amazing prizes and I wanted to recreate the same wow factor this time round. Again I kept my prize sponsors local to Lincolnshire to show case the immense talent with have in the area.

1st Prize A beautiful Framed Clare Shaw Fine Art Print  – won by Aimee Hindle from Cumbria


2nd Prize an amazing canvas of the Brockelsby Hounds – Won by Heather Todd from Lancashire. The photograph was taken by Lincolnshire Equine photographer Chris Power.



3rd Prize was a lovely Alan Paine ladies shirt sponsored by Crabtree Country Clothing, won by Lisa Smith from Yorkshire.

I am sure we will all enjoy a little shopping when we visit Crabtree Shooting ground this coming Saturday for another fantastic Femmes Fatales day.


The team flush winners were Lisa Smith, Tasha Holmes, Sarah Taylor & Ella Parker. Due to the amount of ladies I had this time round I decided to switch up the mini flush competition and randomly select 4 ladies to create the flush teams. This threw the girls out of their little bonding bubble and added a little extra excitement as the team flush started!


Winners of the Team Flush each walked away with one of our cute new ‘Gone Shooting’ hanging wall signs. These signs are available to order for £15+pp (email if you’d like one!)

Prize Draws 

These are the prizes that I like to do as prize draws to make it fair on the ladies who are new to shooting.

The Stunning Stirrup Necklace by Lincolnshire Jeweller Daniella Draper. Won by Heather Todd.


A gorgeous fedora hat designed and made by Lincolnshire based company Hostie Hats. Definitely a brand to remember for next years races! Won by Vanessa Butler.


Finally I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the amazing women who attended. The day wouldn’t be so awesome without you all, from the seasoned pros to the brand spanking newbies you girls are the real reason I love to host these days.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day than hanging out with some seriously cool, genuine ladies who support and encourage each other… True Girl Power!

Don’t forget to look out for photos from the day in the November issue of glossy lifestyle magazine Lincolnshire Life!

Anyway, until next time… Mmmwah!”


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