Kit Bag Recommendations from FF Sponsor, Greenio…

Shooting, in all its forms, is only half about the ‘bang’ – the rest of the attraction is about getting out in the open air, and enjoying the countryside with friends. The Femme Fatales are all about the outdoor lifestyle and preserving our natural surroundings, but when you think of doing your bit for the planet, it can seem like a mammoth task.

Climate change, pollution and net deforestation are some of the greatest challenges that face our generation and generations to come. It may seem as though a gloomy outcome is inevitable, but you can make a difference.

The Femme Fatales are stylish and influential ladies, and are perfectly connected to create roots for change. Greenio, headed up by two avid shooting fans, offer a solution for the environmentally aware shooter that is functional yet fabulous by nature (just like the Femme Fatales!).

This includes sustainably sourced products, plastic alternatives, and green-powered gadgets which replace day-to-day items, and below we have selected our top three recommended products for the Femme Fatales Kit Bag ‘non shooting essentials’… (because, be honest, none of us just carry ammunition in our kit bag!)

The Biolite Charge 20The charge 20 is one of our favourite products. It charges an iPhone from empty to full up to three times, but comes equipped with a micro USB cable you can use it for any number of products, including cameras, speakers, and lights.

This pocket-sized power house is splash-proof and dunk-proof, which makes it ideal for the outdoors, and is only made better when teamed with a BioLite solar panel for recharging on the go.

Great for staying fully charged for those all important shooting selfies! We’re a sociable bunch who like to keep our followers updated on Instagram, after all.

Buy it here for £39.95

The LifeStraw Go

The LifeStraw Go is a handy little water bottle to keep you hydrated while you are on the shooting field. So how is it different to every other refillable water bottle? Its nifty built-in filtration system means you can refill it from almost anywhere without concern for bacteria or viruses. It was created to handle some of the dirtiest water sources so you can feel comfortable drinking from streams and lakes, and it will make travelling to developing countries much safer. Now you’ll have clean water and a clean conscience, as not only are you reducing pollution by not using disposable plastic bottles, but for every unit purchased, LifeStraw provides clean drinking water to a child in a developing country for an entire school year.

Buy it here for £48.95 and give drinking water to a child in a developing country.

GoalZero Bluetooth Speaker
This robust little speaker is perfect for adding a little music those clay shoot lunchtime gatherings, but its purpose extends far beyond the shooting field. For anyone with wanderlust, the built-in solar panel allows you to charge on the go, so you can enjoy music all day long whether you are hiking, laid on the beach, or sat outside the pub.

It is weatherproof, splashproof, and has an average 10 hours of run time before any type of re-charge is required. Absolutely perfect for the essential post-shoot picnic!

Buy it here for £82.95