Femmes Fatales 

 “Shooting for me is about enjoying yourself, competition and encouraging others to take up the sport, which was the basis for organising my first event with Femmes Fatales, and what I wanted to build on with my second.

Oxfordshire Shooting School has always been the ground that I recommend to people, as all the staff there are always super helpful, friendly and were very supportive of my first event, so there was no question over whether my second would be held there. Andy and Julie were very accommodating of my requests, and really helped to make it the day I had imagined.

The day included friends of mine caddying in black tie to make it a little more light hearted and fun. The event was in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance, and we had Ruth Dunkin from the charity who came along to shoot and won the experienced high gun, which included the prize of a Clare Shaw print. Something that all the ladies were hoping to win.

Beginner high gun was won by Charlotte Herriott, who attended my first Femmes Fatales event. It was so great to see her surprise when I announced she had won, and with a score that more experienced shooters would be proud of. She has now booked on to attend the Femmes Fatales Cup at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School in April in the intermediate group off the success of her win.

For me that is what ladies shooting is all about. I love meeting lots of like minded people, and those who thought they’d come along and try shooting and end up loving the sport. Inspiring other ladies to take up or continue shooting, in turn inspires me to want to do more and shoot more myself.

I am currently in my final year at university at Oxford Brookes and compete for the university with a small team of brilliant ladies, within a larger male dominated club. Although both men and women’s teams are relatively successful, it is often to see why ladies can be put off by the rowdiness of that environment, but as an outspoken person I’ve never had this issue. The most important part of organizing my events with Femmes Fatales is to create a space where ladies feel relaxed and and have fun, with the chance to win some brilliant prizes”.

A huge thanks needs to be given to the brilliant companies that provided items for the event including:

Oxfordshire Shooting School
Evemy and Evemy
Kate Latimer Taxidermist
Albion Sporting
Clare Shaw Fine Art
Marsh and Bumble
Willy Chase
The Field
Hiho Silver
Caesar Guerini
Green and Blacks

This event was in order to raise funds for Thames Valley Air ambulance and we raised £160.

Photos from the event can be found here.

Kirsty is our Oxfordshire Representative and is keen to host more Ladies Days