Femme Fatale Jaime Swift will be hosting a fabulous Ladies Simulated Game Day with the team from Ladys Wood Shooting Ground, at the stunning Chavenage Estate near Tetbury, Gloucestershire. The event will take place on Saturday 19th May.

18 pegs available at a price of £195.00 + VAT per peg.

The format for the day is as follows:

Hosted at the beautiful Chavenage Estate in Gloucestershire, (Those of you who watch Poldark might recognise the manor house!)

Thousands of clays will be sent soaring over the line of awaiting guns, simulating the flight of pheasant and partridge.

9:30 am Guns will meet at the Tipputs Inn, just a short drive from the estate for breakfast.  Draw pegs for the day and become acquainted with their “peg buddies” for the day.

10:00 am Guns make the short trip to the first 2 drives.

11:30 am Elevenses – served in the stunning Chavenage valley

12:00pm A further 2 drives are shot

14:00pm Guns retire to the Tipputs Inn, for a well-earned lunch and drink.

An experienced instructor will be on hand to give any helpful and handy tips as the day progresses as well Femmes Fatales host Jaime Swift.

Included in the price

  • 5000 clays
  • Breakfast, Elevenses and Lunch
  • Soft Drinks
  • Lady’s Wood Cap
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Protection
  • A huge amount of fun!!!

Not included in the price

  • Cartridges (fibre wad only) Available to buy on the day if required. Femmes Fatales recommend a light load such as Gamebore’s Evo 21gram 8’s as an experienced shot will get through between 200-400.
  • Personal Instructors – £200 each peg per day if required (3 shooters per peg = 1 instructor).
  • Transport – this can be arranged
  • Gun Hire
  • You will require your own personal shooting insurance – the sort provided through your membership of BASC, CPSA etc is fine.

Beginners are welcome however they must be accompanied by an instructor (see cost above) and have some shooting experience.

To book your place or learn more then please contact us on 01454 294546 or email shoot@ladyswood.co.uk



Jaime Swift