Well, what can we say? That was another EPIC Femmes Fatales Cup. The fourth one and, we think, the best so far! The weather didn’t dampen our sprits and certainly didn’t effect the shooting, because we saw some unbelievable displays of skill from many of the competitors and of course the novices.

Firstly, a massive ‘Thank You’ goes to Dylan Williams, Katie Absalom, Amber Taylor who took care of everything for us in the run up to the event and indeed on the day – Along with the team of friendly and instructors and coaches who helped make the shoot run smoothly and fabulously from start to finish. We cannot emphasise just how professional the entire team are and how well they do what they do. Absolute perfection!

This year’s event was hosted and organised by Andrea Pinnock from DryFire and Katherine Gibbard from R&K Stockcraft who I’m sure you’ll all agree did an incredible job!

We were thrilled to be joined not only at the shoot, but at the party the night before, by some of the generous sponsors and supporters whose passion for championing women in all aspects of shooting is extremely encouraging. So to the team from Le Chameau, we say a huge thank you! Alexandra from Jinx & Jive brought some of her gorgeous new clothing items to showcase plus shooting the 80 Bird Competition with us were event sponsors Ally Stevenson from Clean Heels and Patricia K Pritchard. Having them on board not only as sponsors, but cheering on the shooters on the day made the event even more perfect.

Alistair from Caesar Guerini came along with some beautiful shotguns on display – along with some really cool prizes to present to the highest scoring lady using a CG shotgun – Anna Wooster who used her ‘Syren’ to put in a score of 60/80.

The Experienced Category 

The main event, the 80 Bird English Sporting competition which included a 12 Bird Grouse Sequence was won by seventeen-year-old Amy Easeman from Buckinghamshire who scored a cracking 78/70, securing her third Femmes Fatales Cup Champion title! Amy took home the 2018 trophy along with a stunning pheasant print by wildlife artist Clare Shaw, a pair of Le Chameau Vierzonord wellington boots, a shotgun necklace by Hi Ho Silver, a £75 Patricia K Pritchard voucher and Handbag Charm, a gorgeous fur collar by Jinx & Jive, plus ‘Purdey: 200 Years of Excellence’ the definitive history of Purdey who recently acquired the Royal Berkshire Shooting School.

Runner-Up was Sussex shot Hannah Gibson, former British Open Sporting Champion, who scored 72 and was presented with prizes from Gamebore Cartridge Company, Patricia K Pritchard and Hi Ho Silver. Helen McKenna also took home some prizes from our fantastic sponsors after scoring 67/80 finishing in 3rd place in the Experienced Category.

The Intermediate Category

Our ‘Intermediate’ ladies shot the same 80 targets as the Experienced group, but we saw some impressive scores nonetheless – With Chloe Thornton from Lancashire taking the top spot with an overall score of 67. Chloe’s prize haul included some Le Chameau Vierzonord wellington boots, a Clare Shaw silk scarf, a fur Jinx & Jive collar, a HiHo Silver necklace and tickets to The Game Fair as well as the coveted Femmes Fatales trophy.

The Intermediate runner-up was Cheshire shooter Kirsty Fenwick whose final score was 64/80 whilst a score of 63/80 secured third place for Sarah Rowland. Both were presented with Gamebore cartridges, Hi Ho Silver jewellery and Femmes Fatales prizes.

The Novice Category

Twelve ladies joined us for an introduction to clay shooting – most of whom had not shot before. Each lady received expert tuition from the professional instructors at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, and were smashing the targets in no time at all.

Scores were taken throughout the day, with some fabulous prizes up for grabs from Clean Heels, Le Chameau, Clare Shaw, Hi Ho Silver, Jinx & Jive and Femmes Fatales.

Emily Goddard took the Femmes Fatales trophy plus prizes with a score of 29/30 , while runner-up Suzie Simpson scored 24/30 and a heap of prizes. In third place was Anastasia Oh who scored 23/30 and was presented with some beautiful items.

Congratulations all!!

The Scores

Experienced Category
Scores out of 80 

Amy Easeman 78
Hannah Gibson 72
Helen McKenna 67
Mel Comyn Otter 65
Charlotte Copland 64
Julia Southward  64
Karen Pinker  64
Lisa Smith  64
Jacqui Baker  62
Pamela Lewis  62
Anna Wocester  60
Kristine Jones  60
Laura Appleby   59
Sammy Halsey  59
Wendy Spackman  59
Ruth Harknett 57
Bethan Cutler  56
Jaime Swift  56
Zea Purnell  56
April Owens  55
Sue Pike  55
Abigail Blyth  53
Annette Oakley  53
Jennie Lambert Gibbs 50
Karen Knightly  50
Karen Hall  48
Kay Stutley  44

Intermediate Category 
Scores out of 80 

Chloe Thornton  76
Kirsty Fenwick  64
Sarah Rowland  63
Sarah Baker Wilkes 62
Andrea Myszkowska  59
Sarah Easeman  59
Dominique Doering  56
Martine Todd  55
Claire Barker  54
Deborah Gallager  54
Lucy Tunnard  54
Ally Stevenson  53
Amanda Druce  52
Lesley Williams  52
Sharon George  51
Karen McKeeman  50
Sascha Holland  50
Sarah Lambert Gibbs  50
Amanda Wright  49
Claire Lowrie  49
Sarah Johnson  49
Heather Todd  46
Helen Boakes  46
Kate Dixon  45
Ninx Flanagan  45
Jemima Tooley  44
Bethany Holland  42
Bethan Senior  41
Claire Hayles  41
Natalie Reynolds  41
Hannah Broggio  40
Emma Burke  39
Patricia Pritchard  39
Emma Frampton  37
Annice Rawsthorne  34
Leanne Smales  30
Hannah Cox  28
Paget Gaunt 26
Andrea Williams  25

Novice Score Board
Scores out of 30

Emily Goddard  29
Suzie Simpson  24
Anastasia Oh   23
Nina Weatherill  22
Mia Loweth  21
Mary Till  20
Melanie Peek  20
Annette Green  19
Charlotte Preece  18
Charlotte Springall  18
Di Di Walker  18
Fiona Waterer  14
Janie Lock  11

The Sponsors 

Le Chameau
Clare Shaw
Hi Ho Silver
Clean Heels
Caesar Guerini
Really Wild Clay Days
Jinx & Jive
Patricia K Pritchard
MacKenzie & George
James Purdey & Sons