Femme Fatale Chiara King reports from our second event in Nottinghamshire;

Orston Shooting Ground in Nottinghamshire is one of my favourite grounds to visit so I couldn’t wait to return to host another day after the success of the first one. I met so many great ladies and listening to how everyone ends up at an event is very heartwarming as we all start our journey in a different way and for different reasons.

I was lucky enough to get into shooting through my sister, whose husband was bought her a clay pigeon shooting lesson for Christmas one year. Through this my sister ended up having a go and getting hooked and so I got roped in at their local ground on a ‘have a go’ night, and what can I say… the rest is history!

I remember pulling the trigger for the first time but don’t quite recall my first shot as my eyes were closed in the early days so I was never sure if I broke the target!! But from then on, there was no stopping me and I booked myself some lessons and away I went. I applied for my license, had some help buying my first gun and she supported and guided me through this. Perhaps the most memorable moment was sharing a peg with her on my first game day where she saw me shoot my first pheasant. And so here I am today.

I’ve attended a number of Femmes Fatales days and love nothing more than venturing to a new ground and meeting new people to shoot with. I made it to the Femmes Fatales cup last year and can’t wait for this year’s, still keeping in contact with many of the ladies who I’ve met travelling across the country to meet up and shoot with them.

This and my love for shooting has inspired me and given me the confidence to organise and put on my own days helping ladies get into the sport and meet new people. What I love the most is the mixture of abilities of those who attend from the beginners to the more experienced shot, with ladies wanting to get back into the sport, to those whose partners shoot, or pick up on a game shoot to those who’d been roped into it by their friends and never even thought of holding a gun.

One of the most rewarding things for me personally is seeing how people progress and continue with their shooting. This time round we had four ladies who’d been booked on the event for a Christmas present, and family members who came along to spectate and ended up having a go!! So let me tell you about some of our ladies…

Diane who attended our first event at Orston in November used to shoot in her teens as her dad was a labourer and game keeper on a farm. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying but hadn’t picked up a gun since and is now in her 40’s. She won the beginners category and since then has got her certificate and own gun, coming second in the more experienced category on Saturday which is an amazing achievement. She can now regularly be found at a shooting ground smashing clays.

Willow attended the November day with her Mum which she bought her as a birthday present, her brother shoots which had always inspired her to want to have a go. I saw her at the ground the following week after the day booking a course of 6 lessons and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s often at the ground spending quality time shooting with her brother.

Lastly Anna, who attended her third Femmes Fatales event at Orston (and is a regular attendee on the days) has been having lessons at the ground. She was lucky enough to get a gun for Christmas and is now shaping up to be a tidy shot. She loves spending weekends shooting at the ground with the girls.

Following the first day I’ve met up with a few of the ladies there to shoot and this is something I’m looking forwards to doing more of as more ladies come to the days and get their own licenses.

The event on Saturday was another successful day, with thanks to Dan, Emily and the team for putting on another fantastic event and all the ladies who attended. Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and there for everyone to see. One of our ladies even managed to fit in an impromptu lesson at the end of the day to improve her shooting.

Catherine won top shot of the day scoring 35/40 winning a beautiful print from Lincolnshire artist Clare Shaw.

The ground offers great facilities with 8 clay shooting disciplines including English Sporting, DTL, Skeet and Sportrap available… and if you get the chance to go don’t miss out on their game arena. For more information on visiting or their facilities please contact the ground on 01949851182 or their website www.orston.com

The Femmes Fatales will be returning to Orston on Saturday 20th May and again in the summer with details being announced on our website soon! I’d love for you to join us!”.

Chiara x 

Chiara King is the Femmes Fatales representative for Nottinghamshire & Yorkshire