We had the pleasure of meeting Reading University student Megane Scott (23) at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School where she had joined us for the day to shoot the Femmes Fatales Cup, an event to celebrated the third anniversary of the launch of Femmes Fatales. The immaculate venue is Megane’s local shooting ground and she normally uses a club gun when she shoots there, however we offered her the use of the Caesar Guerini Syren Tempo for the day, and here are her thoughts:

“The Syren, compared to many guns that I have shot, felt balanced the moment I took it out of the slip. Adapting to a new gun during a training session allows room for mistakes, however day of a competition there is added pressure to do well and compete to a level you’re happy with and a level that will see you scoring highly. A stylish gun with beautiful detailing instantly made me excited about going out to shoot the Femmes Fatales Cup of 2017.

“Unlike previous guns it felt light and mounted effortlessly, there was no messing about with positioning, helped by the adjustable comb. With it being a ladies specific gun they have taken into account all aspects, grip, adjustable cheek piece and the weight of the gun, to name but a few. The swell of the pistol grip, smaller than most allowing for a comfort throughout the days shoot without feeling as though there was a need to constantly adjust my grip. A lighter gun allowing for a smooth motion when following through on different birds meant that I could focus my attention more on the target rather than trying to keep up with swinging the gun through.

“The recoil almost non existent proves promising had I been using a heavier shell. Overall a hugely promising gun with the price tag to match, should make any young female excited at the prospect of joining such an exciting sport. A gun tailored to the female form saw me improving my score as the day went on and excites me with whats to come in the future development of guns fitted and made for keen female shooters.

“A huge thank you to Lydia for the fantastic opportunity to shoot with this stunning piece of equipment, and an even bigger thank you to Caesar Guerini for the release of the Syren”.

The Syren is very popular among Femmes Fatales members and we’re intending to create more opportunities for ladies to give it a try soon!